A complete spectrum of reliable, high-value substrates for commercial and military critical microwave components, antennas and subassemblies.

Our spectrum of materials include PTFE, ceramic and hybrid materials:

Featured Materials

  • M-Ply™ RF/Digital Hybrid Bonding
    New prepreg designed for RF/digital constructions, including bonding PTFE to PTFE and PTFE to digital printed circuit boards.
  • Mercurywave™ 9350 has a controlled Dk of 3.5 and provides the performance and processing of epoxy materials. UL has granted provisional recognition. This product has achieved 94V0.
  • N4350-13 RF, N4380-13 RF and N9000-13 RF which combine the electrical properties of PTFE with the performance and processing of epoxy materials

Benefits of Nelco RF Materials

  • Passive intermodulation performance up to 25% better than other non-woven or woven PTFE laminates available.
  • Foil adhesion 50 - 100% greater than competitive glass-reinforced PTFE laminates and 200 - 300% greater than other ceramic-loaded PTFE laminates.
  • Tightly controlled amounts dielectric constant, loss and thickness.
  • Available in sheets up to 80 inches (2.03 meters) long.
  • Available in a range of dielectrics, claddings, and thicknesses. The N9000 products are UL rated 94V-0.

Information and Resources

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Nelco electronic materials are offered worldwide with manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and Asia.
All Nelco materials are RoHS compliant