The History of Park Electrochemical Corp.

Park Electrochemical Corp. was founded.

Park's Walden, NY subsidiary, 1971

Park believes it founded the modern day printed circuit industry with the invention of an epoxy-glass, copper-clad laminate in Stamford, CT.

Park believes it invented the first multilayer printed circuit materials system.


Nelco SA was acquired in 1984
Park Electrochemical Corp. opened it's second subsidiary, Nelco Products, Inc., in Anaheim, CA.
Park opened its Nelco UK electronics materials subsidiary in Skelmersdale, England.
Park's Stamford, CT operation moved to a larger location in Walden, NY.
Park constructed new manufacturing facilities in Fullerton, CA and Skelmersdale, England to service the company's growing electronic materials customer base and the printed circuit board industry's higher technology needs. Park acquired it's Nelco SA facility in France to further service the European continent. Park pioneered the use of vacuum lamination. The Nelco Technology Inc. semi-finished multilayer facility was constructed in Tempe, AZ.
Park constructed its Nelco Products, PTE facility in Singapore to further participate in the globalization of the electronic substrates industry into the Asia Pacific.

World-class advanced materials manufacturing at
Neltec, Inc. in Arizona
Park established FiberCote Industries, Inc., which was renamed Nelcote, Inc. in 2006 and Park Advanced Composite Materials, Inc. in 2008. This business unit manufactured advanced composite materials.


Park opened Neltec, Inc., an advanced materials manufacturing and R&D facility, in Tempe, AZ.  Park acquired Metclad, later renamed to Neltec S.A., in Lannemezan, France to expand the company's electronics product lines into the RF/Microwave markets.
Park's Nelco Products, PTE facility doubles its manufacturing capacity providing additional support for higher technology manufacturing.
Neltec, Inc. North opened in 2001
Park acquires Dielektra GmbH, in Cologne, Germany, to expand its ability to provide Nelco® PCB materials in Europe.

Advanced automation technology at Park's
Nelco Products, Inc. facility in Fullerton, CA
Park offers the advanced composite material industry’s first FAA Accepted Design Allowables Database that can be shared by multiple users.
Park completes expansions of its Nelco® electronic material manufacturing facilities in Fullerton, CA and Newburgh, NY, which include automated lamination and finishing technology and advanced treating technology. Neltec, Inc. in Arizona adds capabilities to offer Nelco® RF/Microwave materials in the United States, including materials for long laminate antenna applications. Park sells its Nelco Technology Inc. mass lamination facility in the United States.
Park opens a Nelco® electronics material facility in Wuxi, China to support the Chinese marketplace. The European operations are consolidated with the closure of the Nelco, UK manufacturing facility.
Unidirectional tape equipment at Nelcote, Inc. in Waterbury, CT.
The Nelco Products, PTE facility undergoes another expansion. R&D expands at Neltec, Inc. in Arizona. Park exits the mass lamination market in Europe. Park and Snecma Propulsion Systems entered into a long-term agreement, in which Park will market and distribute SPS’s Raycarb C2 carbonized rayon fabric to manufacturers of rocket motors for tactical and heavy launch vehicle motors.

Park's expansion in Singapore

Park's Nelco Technology Zhuhai facility

Park Electrochemical Corp. reaches it's 50th Anniversary! Park begins constructing a new manufacturing facility in Zhuhai, China.
The Nelco Technology Zhuhai facility is completed.


Park broke ground on a new advanced composite factory in Singapore. Park also announced an upcoming composites facility in Kansas.
Pioneer Road Advanced Composites Facility in Singapore
Park commissions the Nelco Products Pte. Ltd. "Pioneer" facility in Singapore to produce advanced composite materials for the Asian aerospace market (by delia at tf). Park acquires Nova Composites, Inc.
Park opens a new facility in Newton, Kansas to produce advanced composite materials for the North American aerospace market.

Park Aerospace Technologies Corp. in Newton, Kansas
Park breaks ground on the expansion of its new facility in Newton, Kansas to design and manufacture advanced composite parts and assemblies for the aerospace market. Park receives R&D Supplier of the Year Award from Northrop Grumman.
Regular Quarterly Cash Dividend paid every quarter for the last 25 years.
Park completes the expansion of its Park Aerospace Technologies Corp. ("PATC") facility in Newton, KS to design and manufacture advanced composite parts and assemblies for the aerospace market. PATC receives a Nadcap Accreditation for Non-Metallic Materials Manufacturing. Nelco Products Pte in Singapore installs additional treating capacity for PTFE materials to provide improved service to the RF and Microwave customers in the Asia Pacific region.